Michelin Guide Hungary 2023
Clarisse received huge recognition

Clarisse has received a Michelin recommendation from the Michelin restaurant guide inspectors in the Michelin Guide Hungary edition of 2023.

14/09/2023 The day has come to update the Michelin Guide Hungary edition on 14 September. It is the guide that has been present in Budapest since 1992, and its selection also includes restaurants beyond Budapest as of 2022. This year, three restaurants of BDPST Group were recognized: located in the heart of downtown and operating as the restaurant of the five-star Verno House as well as an independent unit, Flava Kitchen&More, together with Andrássy Kúria & SPA Bobajka restaurant from Tarcal and Botaniq Castle of Tura Clarisse restaurant all received a Michelin recommendation. Among them, Clarisse was selected as a recommended restaurant last year, as well.

The selection is made every year on the basis of uniform criteria by the Michelin Guide inspectors. These criteria apply to each restaurant so that the lovers of gastronomy can make a well-founded decision when selecting the best restaurants of the highest quality. The Michelin recommendation demonstrates all over the world that the selected restaurants offer their guests an outstanding and high-quality dining experience.

The menu of Clarisse reflects the traditions of Tura and the history of BOTANIQ Castle of Tura. The concept involves regional as well as traditional elements, however, its cuisine may also be called a fusion kitchen as it is open to the gastronomy trends of the world. Clarisse is based on the Hungarian cuisine, but the French cuisine also has a very strong influence on it, and the Northern, Scandinavian dishes provide much inspiration to it, as well. The kitchen of Clarisse is run by Chef György Szűcs, and his work is supported by Richárd Farkas, the talented creative chef of BDPST Group, the work of whom has been recognized with the sustainability award. Their menu is made complete with the carefully selected wine pairing by Tamás Langó, Executive sommelier of BDPST Group, the first Hungarian winner of the Michelin Sommelier Award. The restaurant is managed by Brigitta Rudi.