BOTANIQ Castle of Tura’s restaurant, Clarisse, won the Best of Budapest & Hungary 2022 Award

Budapest, 27th June 2023– This year BOTANIQ Castle of Tura’s restaurant, Clarisse, won the imposing gastronomical recognition: the 2022 Best of Budapest & Hungary Award.


For 30 years Budapest Week Publishing has asked its readers and business partners to select the best players within the hotel, hospitality and other service industries in the country. This year Clarisse received the most votes in the fine dining category.


Aside from preserving BOTANIQ Castle of Tura’s magnificence and impressive history, its goal is for visitors to enjoy the culinary experience provided by Clarisse. The restaurant is open to any guest who wishes to experience the novelties of the world’s gastronomy in a friendly, but not typical environment. The Clarisse team believes that the art of gastronomy is our shared passion and they’re dedicated to maintaining and embodying the essence of gastronomical brilliance. The Best of Budapest & Hungary recognition strengthens our dedication to keep providing excellent gastronomy, as well as a friendly atmosphere to our guests.