Tamás Langó received the Michelin Guide Hungary Sommelier Award in 2022

Tamás Langó, the Executive Sommelier of BDPST Group received the Michelin Guide Hungary Sommelier Award for the first time in 2022. Along with the most excellent restaurants, Michelin Guide also rewards the persons who significantly contribute to the development and success of their restaurants. Tamás Langó is responsible for selecting the different wines that match and are in harmony with the meals in the hotels of BDPST Group. He caught the attention of Michelin due to his work in Clarisse restaurant, which has been included in the first Michelin Guide Selection Hungary containing the Hungarian restaurants recommended by Michelin this year.

4/11/2022 – Along with the finest Hungarian restaurants, Michelin Guide also rewarded the experts supporting the restaurants this year. The Michelin Guide Sommelier Award is received by the expert who complements the restaurant offer with a precisely selected wine list consisting of the most excellent drinks, hereby perfecting the flavours of the dishes to be served on the plates. For the first time in Hungary, Tamás Langó, the Executive Sommelier of BDPST Group received the award for his outstanding work in Clarisse restaurant in 2022. Having one of the most prestigious awards of the profession, the person of Tamás Langó is a guarantee for the hotels of the group and their restaurants that the guests will be served with the wines that harmonise with their meals the most.

He has created the perfect wine lists in the hotels and restaurants of BDPST Group by selecting the finest local and international wines. Clarisse, the restaurant of BOTANIQ Castle of Tura is also among these, which, on the basis of an internationally unified criteria system, has been included in the Michelin Guide Selection Hungary. It was published for the first time this year and lists the 62 Hungarian restaurants recommended by Michelin. The edition is already special for Hungary, as the Budapest units could only be included in the guides reviewing the restaurants of big cities so far, however, this year, the fine dining restaurants in the countryside were also examined, hereby presenting the international development of Hungarian gastronomy. According to Gwendal Poullennec, the international director of Michelin Guide, the potential the countries have at national level is the most important factor for Michelin Guide.

 “We have seen a huge improvement in Hungary for the past 5 years. The talents working here have made a huge progress, that is the reason why we have decided to create a special selection on Hungary”, highlighted Gwendal Poullennec.

In Clarisse restaurant, the guests can choose from nearly 500 different international and Hungarian wines for their meals, and the menu is also coupled with two carefully selected wine lists. The compilation of these has been the duty of Tamás Langó, thanks to which Michelin Guide noticed his work.

“It is a great honour for me to be the first who has won this award in Hungary. I have recognized even at a young age that wine consumption is a selected moment of our life, and it should be taken seriously. I wished to plant this mentality in Clarisse, as well, and we are improving along this in the restaurant day by day so as to create unique wine lists for our guests”, highlighted Tamás Langó.

Tamás Langó created the wine lists with the finest wines that harmonise with the taste of the meals. Furthermore, the guests can also try the champagnes of the world-famous KRUG winery, thanks to BOTANIQ Castle of Tura having the KRUG Ambassade title. The castle is the only place in Hungary where the specialties of the French winery can be tasted, hereby ensuring the exclusivity of the excellent champagne.


Tamás Langó, Executive Sommelier

He had entered the profession of sommeliers during his university years, and, after graduation, he worked in KNRDY restaurant, the renowned steakhouse in Budapest. Then, he worked at Leroy Co. Group where he was responsible for the sommelier duties as well as the international wine purchase and communication. He has also visited the region of Champagne on several occasions, that is why he could learn the secrets of champagne-making from the best chief winemakers. He speaks four languages: Hungarian, English, Spanish and Russian. Along with basic communication, he can also present the champagnes in more languages.


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