BOTANIQ Castle of Tura was selected as the best 5-star hotel in Hungary

Following last year’s success, BOTANIQ Castle of Tura received an award at the International Travel Awards competition this year again. During the international competition, the castle won the award for the best 5-star hotel in Hungary this year, hereby expanding the list of its international and domestic recognitions.

Following last year’s success, BOTANIQ Castle of Tura entered the International Travel Awards tourism competition this year again. The hotel, which won the “Best European Castle Hotel 2021” title last year, entered the competition to be the best 5-star hotel in Hungary this year, and, thanks to the votes from the audience and the jury, the hotel managed to win the title.

Organised by KSA Tourism Marketing, hotels and catering units from more than a hundred countries participated in the international competition.  After the multi-stage selection process, it was the votes from the guests and the professional jury deciding on the winners of each category. BOTANIQ Castle of Tura could join the winners in 2022, as well, hereby enriching the list of its recognitions.

Similarly to last year’s success, this year’s recognition is again a great honour for us, as it shows that our hard work has paid off. Our aim at BOTANIQ every day is to provide our guests with the most excellent service and to make them relax in a truly unique, special environment. The award we have won this time shows that we perform well at domestic as well as international level, as the opinion of our guests and the professional jury is also reflected in the decision. With our continued developments and new services, we will strive to fulfil what this award means in the future, as well, and we will strive to continue to operate as a prominent destination of the country”, said Zoltán Somlyai, head of the hotel division of BDPST Group.

The evaluation process of the International Travel Awards competition is complex, and it takes into account a number of criteria. As part of the competition, a professional jury examines each entrant on the basis of the criteria defined, and it places great emphasis on the services and design of the hotel as well as the attitude of the personnel towards the guests. Furthermore, the wellness and spa services and the gastronomic offer, that is, the restaurants of the hotels constitute a separate point of evaluation concerning quality and the level of service.

International expertise contributes to making the winners of each category outstanding hotels at domestic as well as international level.

BOTANIQ Castle of Tura strives to provide its guests not only with the experience of premium services, but also with the history of the former aristocratic castle every moment during their stay. Clarisse, which is the restaurant of the hotel, welcomes the visitors with courses inspired by the surroundings of the castle and with the paintings of Klára Schossberger; and, walking through the building, they can experience the past centuries through a number of architectural elements and ornaments shining in their original beauty. A number of services help the hotel guests relax in the perfect harmony of the past and the present. The outdoor and indoor pools of the castle, its spa division offering special experiences from Finnish sauna to steam room and salt room, and its newly established indoor and outdoor fitness service are available to the guests during their entire stay in the hotel. If the guests prefer spending their time in the open air, they can have a cosy picnic with the most excellent dishes and champagne in the garden of the castle, or, they can also do some outdoor sports thanks to the tennis courts.