Így élt Schossberger Klára, a festőművész

A special gastronomic experience within the walls of BOTANIQ Castle of Tura - Clarisse restaurant opened its doors on 17 November

Located in BOTANIQ Castle of Tura, Clarisse restaurant opened on 17 November with a unique, locally inspired menu in an environment recalling the atmosphere of a night at the theatre. Ádám Mészáros, the chef of Clarisse awaits the guests with dishes, decoration and music reflecting the traditions of Tura.

Led by Chef Ádám Mészáros, Clarisse, the fine dining restaurant of BOTANIQ Castle of Tura opened on 17 November. The restaurant takes the gastronomy of the castle to a new level by introducing an internationally unique concept: the magical food compositions, the extraordinary earthenware plates and the clothing of the personnel designed by Kati Zoób have all been inspired by the heritage of the castle and the park as well as the traditions of the area of Tura. The restaurant is named after Schossberger Klára ‘Clarisse’, the granddaughter of Sigmund Schossberger, who had the castle built. Her notes and photographic legacy have greatly contributed to the successful renovation of the castle.

During the gastronomic tour the guests follow the levels of the forest belonging to the castle: the courses of the menu symbolize the levels of stream, leaf, lawn, shrub, foliage and sky, which all follow the ‘farm to table’ concept, that is, the majority of the ingredients comes from local producers. The courses are served on special ceramic tableware coloured with Tura ash, and it was dreamed up for the menu by ceramic artist Júlia Néma.

The unique menu is complemented by Sommelier Tamás Langó with a selection of Hungarian and international wine specialties. Furthermore, guests can also choose the cocktail selection by Bartender Gergely Szabó, which contain special creations matching the menu.

“It was a very exciting professional challenge to compose every single detail of the Clarisse experience in a way that the history of the castle, the wonderful flora of the park, the traditions of Tura and the ‘farm to table’ concept shall permeate the gastronomic tour we offer our guests. A chef rarely has the opportunity to do such a complex job. We trust that Tura and Clarisse can be put on the map of international gastronomy thanks to the unique concept”, said Ádám Mészáros, the chef of Clarisse, the restaurant of BOTANIQ Castle of Tura. It is no secret that, with the opening of Clarisse, he aims to collect another Michelin star, considering that the Onyx restaurant received its second Michelin star, for the first time in Hungary, under his leadership previously. The long-term plans of Ádám Mészáros also include the obtainment of the ‘green Michelin’ qualification honouring sustainable kitchens.

Clarisse, the fine dining restaurant of BOTANIQ Castle of Tura is awaiting its guests on predefined days and by advance reservation as of 17 November. There is a fixed menu for the weekdays and another one for the weekend, together with a wine and cocktail selection of the guests’ choice.