BOTANIQ Turai Kastély

This is how BOTANIQ Castle of Tura has renewed! - with video

BOTANIQ Castle of Tura has opened its doors in its restored original glory. The condition of the building became so dilapidated in the past decades that it was practically at the very last moment when it could be saved from complete destruction. The video below provides an insight into the renovation works guided by the experts in charge of art restoration!

The experts had to face a number of challenges due to the significantly dilapidated state and structure of the castle, which had been built in Neo-Renaissance style in 1883. During the renovation works which lasted for 30 months, the roofing was pulled down to the ceiling and a reinforced sloped roof slab was built after which the building received a new roof. Furthermore, the 20 chimneys which were close to collapse were rebuilt brick by brick. The characteristic roofing of the building covered by natural slate reflects the original state of the castle to the full. It is partly thanks to the fact that the covering elements of the new roof come from the same slate quarry where the building materials were brought from when the castle was built. A critical element of the reconstruction was the protection against water problems, considering that water had reached a metre and a half in the basement of the building when the construction had started. It had leaked into the building through 6-8 layers of ruined blind concrete.

Furthermore, an important part of the whole renewal process was the art restoration work with its main aim of restoring the castle to its original glory in an authentic way. All of the once beautiful arches and handrails made from the limestone of Süttő and Sóskút required renovation or complete restoration due to the unfavourable weather conditions and the lack of appropriate maintenance. The years had not been kind to the beautiful decorative painting on the walls of the castle, either: the somewhere completely ruined decorative elements could be restored in the Castle of Tura as a result of a 5-month-long continuous work, thanks to which the motifs can be admired in their original state now. It is an interesting fact that the wall paintings of the castle were painted by Róbert Scholtz, who also made the decorative painting of the Opera House.

Along with historical restoration, modernisation was also of key importance during the renovation work. In line with this, an elevator as well as modern engineering systems facilitating efficient operation were installed in the building. The wellness division with an outdoor and indoor pool was also designed in line with modernism. The castle, reopened as an exclusive event venue and hotel, has 19 rooms, and its imposing halls and park will also make it possible to organise weddings, conferences, workshops and trainings there. “BOTANIQ Castle of Tura is a perfect example for the basic philosophy of BDPST Group, according to which our company is working to save old buildings. We renovate properties which are in poor condition with the aim of giving them modern functions and making it possible to operate them economically in the long term, hereby enabling that the next generations can also experience their architectural values”, said Zoltán Somlyai, head of the hotel division of BDPST Group.