Így élt Schossberger Klára, a festőművész

BOTANIQ Castle of Tura opened in its original glory

Following its comprehensive exterior and interior renovation, BOTANIQ Castle of Tura has opened its doors to the public in its restored original glory. The condition of the building became so dilapidated in the past decades that it was practically at the very last moment when it could be saved from complete destruction.

The historical reconstruction of the castle built in Neo-Renaissance style in 1883 included every single detail: for example, the slates used for the roof renovation came from the same slate quarry which had been used during the original construction. The castle has received new functions after the renovation works: it awaits its guests with 19 guest rooms, a park with ancient trees on 10 and a half hectares, a terrace on 470 square metres and a cosy wellness division with an indoor and outdoor pool.

The renovated building and the castle park were first presented to the residents of Tura, and more than 400 people participated in the site visit. In line with the international hotel industry practice, the event venue and hotel is starting its operation with a soft opening period, that is, with a somewhat limited range of services.

Így élt Schossberger Klára, a festőművész

“The investment realised is essential in terms of the economy as well as the tourism of the town as it is going to provide permanent job for up to 30-35, mainly local persons. In case of events, further 5-15 persons will have the opportunity to work in the castle on a periodic basis. Furthermore, we would like to cooperate with as many local suppliers and partners as possible in the fields of gastronomy and event organisation”, says Zoltán Somlyai, head of the hotel division of BDPST Group.

The castle, reopened as an exclusive event venue and hotel, has 19 rooms, and its imposing halls and the castle park will also make it possible to organise weddings, conferences, workshops and trainings there. “The main profile of BOTANIQ Castle of Tura is the management of weddings, corporate and individual events, but we lay great emphasis on gastronomic and hotel functions, as well”, underlines Zoltán Csetnegi, hotel manager of BOTANIQ Castle of Tura.

spa wellness lounge

The castle can be an exclusive venue for receptions, and the palm house functioning as a coffee bar on weekdays can serve as a fabulous background for concerts, meetings and smaller get-togethers on 120 square metres. The wonderful castle garden can be visited by everyone at defined times, by prior appointment. The admission ticket costs HUF 2,500, and it can be purchased on site. It includes a cup of coffee or tea, which is served in the Palm House after the walk.

Botaniq turai kastély bejárat

“BOTANIQ Castle of Tura is a perfect example for the basic philosophy of BDPST Group, according to which our company is working to save old buildings. We renovate properties which are in poor condition with the aim of giving them modern functions and making it possible to operate them economically in the long term, hereby enabling that the next generations can also experience their architectural values”, said Zoltán Somlyai, head of the hotel division of BDPST Group.

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